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What to do if don’t want to upgrade the tariff amount while moving a room?

Scenario: Whenever try to change the room of another Type of an existing booking using “^M Move Room” button in the Room Booking, it is always changing the Room Tariff as per the newer Room Type chosen. What to do if it is committed to the Guest in any circumstances to offer him / her same Room Tariff as the first one was?


In order to charge the same tariff as per the first booking every time while moving a room type, please follow the steps given below:

  1. From main menu go to the Room Booking (H > T > B)
  2. Press ALT + O to get the Room Reservation Option screen
  3. In this screen set Upgrade charges during Move Room = Ask / Yes / No
    • Ask = Will Ask before upgrade charges during Move Room.
    • Yes = Will not Ask rather upgrade charges during Move Room.
    • No = Will not upgrade any kind of charges during Move Room.

 4. If set No then it will not change the tariff amount while moving a room.

Upgrade room tariff.


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