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Calculate tax on base tariff amount instead of discounted tariff?

  1. From main menu go to the Room Booking (H > T > B)
  2. Press ALT + O to get the Room Reservation Option screen
  3. In this screen set Calculate Tax without Discount= Yes
  4. Press ALT + S to save the changes
  5. Now during the Room Reservation tax amount will be calculated on the base tariff only, not on the discounted tariff.

Tax on tariff

  • Room Tariff= Rs.10,000.00
  • Discount Amount= Rs.2,000.00
  • Service Tax= 7.42%
  • Luxury Tax= 10%
Now total Tax amount will be 1742.00 if Calculate Tax without Discount is set to Yes.
And total Tax amount will be 1393.60 if Calculate Tax without Discount is set to No.

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