ID #1398

Release Note 1.122

Import and Export

  1. Enhancement in duplicate checking for import from Excel file, for all masters.
  2. Enhancement in Inbox Data Processing
  3. Now you can import Purchase return from excel file.
  4. MLIM Setting changed During Backup. During Backup Any Link Setup change to "Offline" and After Backup Changed to current Setting


  1. Now you can see customer’s closing balance directly from the sale screen
  2. Now you can directly tender in Credit sale


  1. "Fund Movement" renamed to "Periodical Report"
    • Detail & Summery Button removed
    • New button added "Periodicity"
    • Previously "Select Ledger and Group" list was showing only cash and bank ledgers. Now this list will show all the ledgers and group.
    • Periodicity button will show these options: Daily / Bi Monthly / Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly.
    • Press enter on any row in report. This will open the Ledger of Account / Group for the period of specified in row.
  2. Dynamic searching option added in all reports
  3. User Name column added at account voucher display.
  4. Tax Ledger Break-up option added in Purchase Order Register, Purchase Register, Purchase Return Register, Sale Order Register, Sale Register, Sale-Return Register
  5. Debtor (Customer) Address, PAN No & VAT No columns added in Tax Register


  1. Now you can block year printing on receipt
  2. Now you can block Memo ID printing on receipt.
  3. Now you can block username printing on receipt
  4. Variable added for User Defined Code in barcode designer windows of production entries in stock journal.


  1. Password is now encrypted, resulting in more secure operation in software. Password encryption has been introduced is all modules.
    • Note: Existing Password will be encrypted during version Update
  2. Bulk updation option added for Size, Color & Design in Product Child label.
  3. FusionRetail 6 SMS tool is now integrated with Touch (POS)(Restaurant)
  4. Now you can impose location on Users (User Wise Default Location option added).
  5. Variable (MOPName) added for Mode of Payment, you can use this variable in Sale receipt Preview file
  6. Offline Customer Creation Option added at branch location.
  7. Now you can see total voucher quantity on production and consumption entry screen.
  8. Button reshuffling option added for all the screens

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