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Release Note 1.866


  • Barcode Printing is now enabled in Production Module called from Quick Mode of Touch POS. It is based on Stock Journal Option. It supports both the DOS mode and Windows mode.
  • Aging Analysis has been added in Bulk Print of Ledgers.
  • Linking process for bills, kot and coupons in a prepaid environment
    • The daily order number has been added in the KOT, coupon and bill. If the table number is prepaid then it will print the daily order number.
    • Implementation Notes for a Food Court. Set the following in DOS Print Option
      • Section > Touch POS Receipt Option > Set >Table Number = Yes
      • Section > Coupon Print Option > Set > Print Table Number = Yes
      • Section > Coupon Print Option > Set > MemoID on Coupon = No
      • Section > Coupon Print Option > Set > Print Item Code = No


  • A new report called Day Audit Reporthas been added.
    • It can be assessed by button ^D Day Audit in Day End Report.
    • This report is also available in Email Scheduler.
    • It includes modules such as Sale Summary, MOP Analysis, Key Performance Indicators, Group wise Sales, Subgroup wise Sales, Operator wise MOP Analysis, Tax Analysis, Food Type wise Sales, Discounted Invoices, Void / Modified Invoices, Re-Print Invoices, Unsettled Invoices and Credit Invoice numbers.
    • A sample report can be seen here.
  • Enhancement in Pivot Reports
    • In Add Column Function of any pivot report, a new input called “Summary Display Type" has been added.
    • It has got function like Absolute Variation, % of Column, % of Column Grand Total, % of Grand Total, Variation etc.
    • Now you can choose to show / hide total columns.  In any pivot report, right click on data area or vacant area to get 2 options > row total and column total.
  • In Voucher wise Sale Register TAG Order Filed has been added.
  • Email scheduler will create a meaningful file name using report name, location name, date and time.



  • Enhancement while doing Auto Fill Item in Invoice from Challan
    • In sale or purchase transaction now you can control the auto fill of items.
    • An option "Auto Fill Challan Detail = Yes / No / Ask" has been added in Sale and Purchase
    • Yes = Auto fill all the products that are available in challan
    • No = Instead of auto fill up all the products, a FILTER will be applied in the product list. However there is no filter on Scan.
    • After selecting a challan you can select another challan.
    • If you want to enter some product without taking challan, do it before selecting a challan.
  • Bill Remarks field has been added in Sales Transactions
    • Touch POS, Scan POS, Sale Order, Sale Challan, Rejection In, Sale Return
    • Input available at delivery detail input box.
    • The field is available in respective voucher wise registers.
    • We have added Header_Remarks field for windows printing
    • For DOS mode it is printed based on option for narration printing.


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