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Release Note 1.785

Important Note:

This release has some breaking changes that can stop few existing functionalities. Though we have taken great care to avoid those, still some changes have been made to improve the overall functionality of few modules. Please ensure to read the breaking changes section at the end of this document before proceeding to update. Please feel free to call on us if you have any doubts.


Third Party Devices:


Transaction (Retail & Restaurant)

  • Total number of visits of the customer can be tracked in Customer Information (C > T > I). Press ALT + O in the Customer Information screen > Set “Show No of Visit = any value > 0” under the block “Privacy Setting”. Now it will show total number of visits of the selected customer below the Card ID.


Transaction (PMS):

  • Now onward “^T Rate Card” and “-F Change Rate” buttons in the Room Booking will work on check out date also. You can change rate for any given date range but within the reservation.
  • New button “-Q Un Post Chg” has been added in the Room Booking. Use this button to undo check-out, consequently Check-out will be converted into Check-in and all respective accouting entries will be removed accordingly.
  • New button “^D el Delete” has been added in the Room Booking. Use this button to delete Reserved / Checked-in / Checked-out rooms. Consequently, all respective accouting entries will be removed automatically.









  • New button “-B Branch DB 1” has been added in the Location Master. Use this button to create a new Database of Branch or Location exclude the transaction data. 



Breaking Changes:

1. PMS Reservations: New Feature: Un-post Charges.

After you un-post any "checked out, back dated or fully paid" reservation,

and change rates or apply discount, and on bill amount changes,

then during payment it will show full amount instead of balance payment.


2. Touch POS: New Feature: Weekdays Wise Menu Settings

a) The other menu list will show only the menus that are available in sale option

b) The other layout list will show only the layout that is available in sale option

c) During the modification of old transaction, it might say "default menu is not defined"


3. The Mobile POS for Windows Phone 7 will not work with this release.

You may switch to our FusionMobi POS for Android, iPad and WP8.


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