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Release Note 1.757

Important Information: This release requires SQL Server 2008 or higher.
If you are using SQL Server 2005, then you need to upgrade to SQL Server 2008.
You can download SQL Server 2008 from here.


Transaction (Retail & Restaurant)


Transaction (PMS):

  • New button “-V Room View” has been added in the Room Status. It shows visual representation of the status of Reserved, Checked-in, Pending Check-out, Vacant and Out of Order rooms.



  • Set “Send Email = Yes / No” and “Send SMS = Yes / No” in the Customer Master > Other Information to allow / block auto email or sms.



  • Set  “Show Stock on Challan Date = Yes” in the Stock Statement option then Purchase Challan date will be treated as actual stock in date else set No then Purchase Invoice date will be treated as actual stock in date. Stock aging will be calculated accordingly. 



  • New button “-D Detail” has been added in the Work Order Analysis report. Use this to see all of the transactions related to the selected Work Order.
  • New button “-A Bill Adj” has been added in the Trail Balance for automatic adjust the bill wise reference on FIFO basis. It will work only on group "Sundry Creditors" and "Sundry Debtors" if "Bill wise Detail is set to Yes" in the Account Ledger master.
  • New button “^R Columnar” has been added in the Tax Register. In the Tax Register > Press ALT + S or ALT + P > Press CTRL + T > Press CTRL + R. Use this to show columnar report in pivot.






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