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Release Note 1.681


Transaction (Retail & Restaurant)


Transaction (SPA & Salon)

  • New button "-U Un Check In" has been added in the Reservations (SPA) to cancel the "Check In" status. Consequently, the status will be changed to "New".
  • New button "^U Un Done" has been added in the Reservations (SPA) to cancel the "Done" status. Consequently, the status will be changed to "Check In".
  • New button "-E Add Emp" has been added in the Reservations (SPA) to prepare SPA Schedule for selected employee of any other location. Consequently, Schedule for current date will be generated for the employee having current users own Location and Work Plan in it.
  • New button "-F3 Cust Sch" has been added in the Reservations (SPA) to see the Customer Schedule Report. 
  • New button "-P Due Service" has been added in the Advance Customer Detail screen to get the due service document of the selected customer. For more detail please visit : Home Delivery Order Entry (Scan POS) > Step 4: Home Delivery Order Taking > Buttons in the Home Delivery Order Screen.
  • SPA Reservation / Appointment can be done 24 hour basis any time before or after the Employee Scheduleeven on the off days or holidaysPlease set "Schedule Employee beyond Work Plan Hrs = Yes" in the Designation Setup > Change Action Control.
  • To order SPA & Salon service packages product child wise, just select Package product in Sale Order. Then press ALT + L at "Product Code" field to select the desired child. Product Child list will not open if Item Type is set to Service in the Product Management. For more detail about package selling of SPA & Salon products please visit: Implementation Guide: Spa & Salon.



  • Employee Schedule Report has been added in the Payroll > Report. It shows work plan of the selected employee for a given date range. Print out of the same has to be given to the employee so that he / she can follow the given schedule.


Transaction Option

  • New field "Calculate Variance as per Recipe" has been added in the Work Order option. Set it Yes to consider the products used in Recipe only for Work Order Analysis report, else set No to consider all inputs and outputs irrespective of Recipe for Work Order Analysis report.
  • New option "Always" has been added for the field "Prompt to select Wait Staff on start" in the Sales Option. If the option "Always" is selected then it will ask for waiter / staff every time you open the table. Please note that in the Sale Invoice (Scan POS), both the option "Always" and "Yes" work same. Order will be based on "Waiter / Staff" selected each time after entering the table.


Print Option

  • New field "Print No of Pax" has been added under the "KOT Print Option" section in the POS Print Option. Set it Yes to print number of pax on KOT.
  • Now onward Room Number will be printed on KOT, Coupon and Sale Bill if MOP "Charge to Room" is used in the Sale Invoice (Scan POS) or Sale Invoice (Touch POS).
  • Now onward it will print current date and time say "Printed On 12-Nov-2013 05:31 PM" if use "-F5 MOP Summary" button for MOP Summary report, "-F6 Sale Rpt" button for Sale report and "-F7 Stock Rpt" button for Stock report in the Day End Report.



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