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Release Note 1.526

This release is in continuation to FusionRetail™ 6 Release 1.508 dated 24 January 2013.


Following enhancements have been done in this Release;

    • New button List has been added in the Use Your Card box and On Screen Keyboard. You can use to see and select customers from the list while using a Smart Card Device or On Screen Keyboard. The List has been secured by adding security control in the Designation Setup > Change Action Control > Touch POS > Open Customer List = Yes / No / Secure. Set Yes to allow, No to block and Secure to allow but after hitting a worthy user password. Here you must note that the said feature will not be applicable in the Prepaid System.

Use Your Card

    • New column “POS: Ask Container” added in the Product Management. If this is set Yes then it will open Container entry screen during the sale transactions.

Ask Container


Other features remain same as FusionRetail™ 6 Release 1.508. 

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