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Release Note 1.477


Master Data Management

  • Enhancement in Customer Master: During customer creation If you set "Allow Credit Sale = Yes" and keep the Account = Blank then, while saving customer master it will create ledger account automatically with the same name and detail given for the customer, under the account group Sundry Debtor. If the ledger exists with the customer name then it will prompt “Ledger with same customer name already exist. Select Ledger in Customer entry, OK”. In this case you have to create and select ledger manually.
  • Now onward you can choose more than two Forced Questions for an item whereas it was fixed to only two FQs. Input method of the Forced Questions (FQ) in Menu Management (M>F>M) has been changed. Now you have to press Alt+L to select Forced Questions then it will open a screen like MOP selection in Sales Option. Select the required forced question and save.  



    • If you select multiple rows to change FQ then it will open FQ selection box without any data.  
    • If you save the FQ selection box without selecting any data then it will not save the selection.              
    • If you want to remove FQ from all items then select [None] and save.                                           




  • New button "Transfer" has been added in Sale Return Register. Use this button to get sale return transaction data to the Stock Transfer. It will work in Voucher View only.
  • Now onward Ref. Number will also be printed for Sale Order entry as well as voucher number. It will help you to identify the exact sale order against which you want to add more advance in Receipt Voucher.



    • This is a system generated number that only generates and prints after getting any amount as advance against sale order.
    • It will not generate or print Ref. Number if you are not taking advance during the sale order entry.
  • Election module has been renamed to Poll & Survey Management. It will be helpful for Retail and F&B businesses as well as Clubs.
  • New button "-U Purchase" has been added in Sale Order Register (Voucher View). Use this button to get sale order transaction data to the Purchase Invoice.                                                              
  • New button “-F8 Check Stock has been added in Sale Order and Sale Invoice (Scan POS). Use this button to view salable stock (Closing Stock - Sale Order + Purchase Order) available in all of the locations.
    1. From main go to the Sale Order (S>T>O)
    2. Press Alt+F8 or click on “-F8 Check Stock”
    3. Select product from the product list
    4. It will then open a report showing location wise available salable stock.


First it will check for stock at HO DB and if HO server is unavailable then it will show the stock from local DB. 

  • Now you can enter product matrix detail directly from the Sale Order and hence, for booking a sale order you don't need to wait for transaction to be posted from Purchase Order/Purchase Invoice/Stock Journal with desired matrix detail. In order to enter product matrix detail during Sale Order please follow the steps given bellow;
    1. From main go to the Sale Order (S>T>O)
    2. Press F11 or click on “F11 Create PCID”
    3. Select product from the product list
    4. It will open item entry screen same as Purchase entry
    5. Enter detail like Rate and Matrix and then save by pressing Alt+S
    6. Now save sale order entry by pressing Alt+S
    • It is not possible to open child entry in modify mode for already entered item.
    • Security control for the button "F11 Create PCID” has also been added in Designation Setup > Action Control > Inventory > “Create PCID in Sale Order”.
    • If you scan 11 digits product code in Purchase Order, Purchase Challan (Receipt Note), Purchase Invoice, Stock Journal and Opening Stock then it will add that child in entry.






On Top – Name

Select this if want to print Sales Persons name on print header

On Top – Code

Select this if want to print Sales Persons code on print header

With Item – Name

Select this if want to print Sales Persons name with item

With Item – Code

Select this if want to print Sales Persons code with item


Select this if don’t want to print Sales Persons name or code




Security control has also been added for the above feature in Designation Setup > Change Action Control:

    • Copy Modifier
    • Copy Voucher
    • Copy Designation
    • Copy Price List
    • Copy Scheme
    • Copy Combo
  • New button "^B Barcode" has been added in Stock Transfer Register (both Voucher and Product view). Use this button to get barcode print out for the items of a selected stock transfer entry.
  • Enhancement in Stock Replenishment Report: New type “Sale” has been added in this report. If this type is set then it will calculate RO Qty and MO Qty based on "Sale – Sale Return". To get this type press Alt+R or click on “-R Define ROQ” button in this report and then come to the transaction header “Type” where you will get the said type by pressing Alt+L.
  • New columns "Disc%" and "Disc Amt" have been added in Rate Change Voucher (W>T>E) and column “Chg%" has been removed from here. Column “Disc%” will change the rate by entering input in % where column “Disc Amt” will change the rate by entering input in amount.




  • In the Designation Setup (M>O>D)  > Under Transaction Entry Control > ”Accounting Voucher” has been replaced with the followings;
    • Journal Voucher                              
    • Receipt Voucher                                                                                         
    • Payment Voucher                                                                                    
    • Contra Voucher                                                                                            
    • Debit Note Voucher                                                                             
    • Credit Note Voucher



It will help to block or permit different voucher transactions for different users.

  • Employee Master has been added in User Defined Field Setup (T>A>F). In order to keep information in addition to the fields available in the Employee Master, you have to enter the caption of that information in the User Defined Field Setup under the Module Employee Master. Then the captions will be appeared in the Employee Master (M>P>E), so that you can enter desired information. 

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