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Release Note 1.462


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Third Party Devices:


Master Data Management:







  • Now onward MTD Figure in Day End Report will be calculated based on To Date unlike based on From Date before. E.g. For date range from 01-05-12 to 17-08-12, MTD data will be calculated for the month of Aug not for the month of May.
  • Displaying of Balance Quantity as Cartoons and Pieces together in Stock Statement
  • Now onward in Customer Detail screen of Home Delivery module, it will show details of only last three transactions instead of all transactions before. New enhancement will help to do Home Delivery transactions faster.
  • Now you can see ledger group name in Bills Receivable and Bills Payable report using “Group” column from column chooser.



  • Enhancement in Installer: The installer will warn if any of the executable like FusionRetail.exe, RancelabML.exe, RancelabPrint.exe and RancelabDS.exe is running.
  • Street Name & Street No have been added to customer list.
  • Enhancement in “Save” button in "Advanced Customer Master Screen" for Home Delivery Module: Save button is meant for saving the changed details of the customer under consideration. After the details have been changed and saved, it send the data (changed details) to other locations. If the details have not been changed but saved, it will not send the data (unchanged details) to other locations.
  • Now it is possible to setup 7 KOT printers with a single computer. You can set 7 KOT printer in station setup.
  • Now you can define “Number of Lines before Print” in POS printer setup. The gap at the top of KOT is required to tag it to KOT holder while keeping the content still visible.

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