ID #1622

Release Note 1.337




  • Now Audit feature has been introduced in all the reports in the software to facilitate the task of the retailers at the time of Auditing.
  • Now the Purchase Date of any product is also available from the ale Register.
  • New fields have been introduced in the following screens and reports,
    • Customer Mobile number in the Dispatch Home Delivery screen.
    • Customer Mobile number in the Home Delivery Register.
    • Customer Address1, Address2 and Address3 in Home Delivery Register.


  • Now we have a new option to check the working status of all the devices that are attached to the software from the software itself.
  • Now FTP setting was moved to Global Option Screen, you don’t have to put the same FTP details for each and every location of your business. It will help you to maintain and check the FTP details from a single point.
  • New ML exe of has been created.




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