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Configuring and Testing a Fixed Public IP address for RanceLab FusionRetail 6

Concept: The objective is to access the Data Service running at FR6 Server on port 6161 from outside of your local network.  All you need is a fixed public IP at head office.



  1. All you need is a broadband connection with a fixed public IP at HO.  Please speak to your ISP (internet service provider) and they will get you one. Probably with some extra chargesSmile.
  2. You need to configure your router to forward all connections on port 6161, to the private IP address of your FR6 Server computer. A number of good reading material and how-to-do-guides can be found here and here.
  3. NO. You do not need fixed public IP at branches.


How to test:

For our test, we need the following information

  • Fixed Public IP (AKA external IP or static IP) at HO:  = Click here if you want to find out the public IP.
  • Private IP (AKA local IP or internal IP) of HO Server:  =
  • Port of the data service: The Data Service is configured and running at port 6161 on HO Server. You can check this out by pressing Alt + F9 or on any screen of FR6.


Now do the following test.

Test 1: On the HO Server:  Open Internet browser > type (http://your_ private_ ip_address: port_of_data_service)

Test 2: On the HO Server:  Open Internet browser > type (http://your_ public_ ip_address: port_of_data_service) 

Test 3: On any computer outside of your network:  Open Internet browser > type example a computer at your branch or any mobile or laptop with internet connection.



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