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How to Integrate Weighing Scale with Touch POS?

FusionRetail 6 uses auto import function to import the files created by weighing scale. You can use "User Defined Code" to integrate with weighing scale in Touch POS module. Weighing scale must have same product codes as defined in FusionRetail 6. After every transaction, weighing scale creates a CSV file containing data of that particular transaction. By use of weighing scale’s software set the location of the created CSV file as “C:\FusionRetail6\Import”.


How to auto import the files generated by Weighing Scales?3


  1. Create a KOT Import Mapping based on the weighing scale format

  • Import as = Sale KOT
  • File Type = Text(CSV)
  • Data include Header row = Yes
  • File Name = Select a CSV file(created earlier by the weighing scale) from the “C:\FusionRetail6\Import” folder and map the columns as follow
  • Date = Vch Date
  • PLU_NO = User Defined Code
  • Article_Name = Product Name
  • Weight(g) = Qty
  • Card No  = Table No
  • During save it will ask for a mapping name. Enter a suitable name and save it

  2. In the Auto Import screen (Alt + A) Set the interval, mapping, folder and Station

  • select import interval from the list
  • Select mapping name from the list
  • Select the path from where FusionRetail 6 have to pick up the Weighing scale created CSV files.
  • Select the station and save.

 3.  Now log out from FusionRetail 6 and re-Login.

Whenever the Weighing Scale makes a transaction it will create a CSV file in the selected folder and FusionRetail 6 will take it as a sale KOT and makes a transaction in FusionRetail6. During the transaction in Weighing Scale, make the transaction on Token numbers.



In weighing scale select Token number 12, make transaction on that token using user defined codes and finish the transaction. It will create a CSV file in pre-defined location. FusionRetail 6 takes that CSV file, takes the token number as table number and create a transaction on that table.

Now open FusionRetail 6, go to Touch POS(S > T > T) screen, you will find table number 12 is opened with all the transactions of the Weighing Scale.

Open that table and tender it to finish the transaction.

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