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System don’t have COM11 port

I have com port 11 (i.e. com11) in my system, but in Fusionretail6 there are only 9 ports available for com port (com1 to com9). How can I setup my printer with FusionRetail6 software in this situation?


The maximum number of COM ports is dependent both on the operating system (OS) and the serial driver. The maximum number of serial ports that NI-VISA currently supports on any platform is 256.

On Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP, the OS also limits the number of COM ports to 256.

On Windows NT, our serial driver limits the number of COM ports to 99.

Alternate Option:

You can change the COM port number in your system. Please use the following steps to achieve the goal…

  • Right Click on My Computer icon
  • Click on Properties
  • Go to Hardware Tab
  • Click on Device Manager Button


  • Right Click on the current COM port
  • Click on Properties


  • Go to Port Setting tab
  • Click on Advanced option 

  • Change the COM port number
  • Click OK button


  • Again Click OK button

 Note: you can select any port number from 1 to 256, which is not being used by any other applications.

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