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Why my Nodes are not opening and giving an Error message "FR6Share is not accessible"?


This message is coming due to network sharing problem. Fusionretail6 automatically make the FR6Share folder as a shared folder. If any how the sharing is blocked use the following steps to resolve the problem…

Sharing a folder in Windows XP

  • Go to Fusionretail6 folder
  • Right Click on the FR6Share folder
  • Click on Sharing and Security, it will open a new window.

  • Click on ‘Share this Folder’

  • Click on ‘Permissions’ button
  • Check all the ‘Allow’ Boxes in ‘Permissions for everyone’

  • Click on ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’
  • Again Click on ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’ in ‘FR6Share Properties’ Page
  • For more detail on folder sharing in Windows XP please visit:

Note: Please contact your hardware technician if there is any problem regarding file sharing and network access.


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