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Integrating Weighing Scale capable of printing Barcode labels

Barcode Label based Electronic Weighing Scale is generally used in fresh vegetable and sweets retail shop where

  • Weighing and billing counter are separate

  • Products needs to weigh after the buyer has selected it

  • Products (in Pcs) are not of fixed weight and needs to be  billed based on the weight

You can use modern weighing scales capable of printing barcode labels to save the time and to increase efficiency. Since weighing and bar coding is done simultaneously, it makes the entire operation error free.

How it works:

  1. Customer goes to the vegetable counter

  2. Selects the vegetable

  3. The selected vegetable is placed on the scale and the operator enters the code

  4. A bar code label is printed (along with a code , name of vegetable,  weight and other relevant information

  5. This label is pasted on the vegetable pack

  6. Customer comes to Billing Counter (POS)

  7. POS Operator scans the packet of vegetable FusionRetail 6 takes product along with weight

  8. The billing is done

FusionRetail 6 scans and uses the bar code labels generated by the weighing scale. You can also export the product master along with the name, prices and other information to the scale.

Barcode Label format

The weighing scale should print the barcode label in following format.

If a barcode is scanned with Weighing Scale Start Sentinel then FusionRetail 6 tries to decode the Scanned Code = # CCCC WWWWW  where

  •  #              :  is a special character to identify the scale product
  • CCCC         : 4 Digit Numeric Product Code
  • WWWWW  : 5 Digit  Weight or Pcs (e.g. 12 Pcs should be shown as 00012  and 12 Kgs will be shown as 12000)

Note: The WWWWW value will be divided by the value of Weighing Scale Conversion filed of the product master.

Note: If you want to use numeric code then use the following

  • Enter the desired Numeric Code in the User Defined Code filed in the product master and
  • Set the "Default Scan Field" in the Sales Option to "User Defined Code".

How to Setup FusionRetail 6 to work with Weighing Scale

In Main > Master Data Management > Product Master (M I P) set the following field

Weighing scale export

Yes (Default)

Set this to Yes if you want this product to be exported to the weighing scale.

Weighing scale conversion

1000 (Default)

For example if you sell Apple by Weight (Kilograms) then you should enter 1000 in the Weighing Scale Conversion in the product master.

And if you want to sell Oranges by Pcs then you should enter 1 in the Weighing Scale Conversion field of the product master.

In Main > Setting > Application Settings > Global Option (T A G)  set the following field

Start Sentinel : Weighing Scale

# (Default)

Choose from The following available symbols to identify the scanned product as weighing scale product

+ / - # ? @ ! ~ % ^ & * < > ; : \ [ ] ( ){ }


How to export product master to CSV format to be imported by weighing scale software?

Main > Settings > Import and Export > Export Data

  1. Export from = Product
  2. File Type = Text (CSV)
  3. Export Folder = Select a Folder
  4. Export as = PLU_product
  5. File name = a Comma Separated Values file to be used by Weighing Scale software for import  
  6. Set the proper header of the columns.
  7. Press Export button (Alt+E)

The above process makes a file named PLU_product in the defined export folder

Note : You can also use the “F7 Fix Export” button which is designed to export the product master in a specific format used by Mettler-Toledo LV Labeling Scale. In this case you have to enter the folder name.

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