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In FusionRetail5 we were using Due as a Mode Of Payment. After migrating from Fusionretail5 to Fusionretail6 we didn’t found the old due balances. Is it possible to have those Old due balances back in Fusionretail6?


After migrating from Fusionretail5 to Fusionretail6 you will find that there is no “Due” Mode Of Payment. In FusionRetail6 we are using “Credit Sale” for dues and credit sale. To have the old due balances of Fusionretail5 in FusionRetail6 you have to pass Journal entries. Please use the following points to achieve your goal.

Step1: In FusionRetail5—

  1. Go to Main Screen > Account > Trial Balance (A > 8)
  2. Ctrl + T 
  3. Set “All group Expand = Yes 
  4. Ctrl + A 
  5.  Press Alt + P and take a print out of the trial balance of every customer
  6. Alt + P  

Step2: In Fusionretail6—

  1. Go to Main Menu > Financial Management > Transaction > Voucher Entry(M> A> V)
  2. Press F7 to pass a  journal entry for each customer as

Customer A/c Dr

To Due From Customer Cr


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