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How do I setup the Magtek USB magnetic card reader?

Setting up  Magtek  USB magnetic card reader for FusionRetail 6.

Note : You need to remove the start and end sentinel in order to use with FusionRetail 6.

  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Install by running ….\MagtekUSB\99510026\Disk1\Setup.exe
  4. Attach Card Reader to your system
  5. Start  the program
  6. Type following commands one after another in Send Msg window and press Enter or  click on Send Msg

    01 10 01   ( This is for Keyboard Mode)
    02              (This will execute)
    01 04 03   (This is to remove start and end sentinel)
    02              (This will execute)

Finally Detach and Attach card reader.

Tags: Hardware Settings

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