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"How do I query the SQL Express 2005 database directly?/ How to query the SQL Express 2005 database directly?"

You should NOT query the database directly. Since querying the DB directly is not a regular user function, we have not included this in our application.

However if you require to want to query database directly, which is not recommend, you can do so using any of the following methods.

Note: Querying the database directly is not recommended. This is to be used by RanceLab Support Professional only.

  1. Use Management Studio (you can get this from here)
  2. SQLCMD : The command line tool :SQLCMD is newly added in SQL Server 2005 and offers additionally functionality which SQL Server 2005 offers. This has all the feature which OSQL has to offer, additionally SQLCMD has many added feature than OSQL. For more info please visit
  3. OSQL : This was introduced in earlier versions of SQL Server. Please note that OSQL does not support all features of SQL Server 2005. Try to Use SQLCMD instead of OSQL.

Method : (Using SQLCMD)

  • Start > Run > type CMD ...<enter>
  • sqlcmd -S <ComputerName>\<InstanceName>
  • "Now Enter your Query" ...<enter>
  • Go”  ...<enter>
  • ... and you should see the result
  • Note: To see a list of the options those are supported by the sqlcmd utility use SQLCMD /?

Example: (Using SQLCMD)

  • Start > Run > type CMD ...<enter>
  • sqlcmd -S Server\RanceLabSSE   ( or you can use just sqlcmd -S .\RanceLabSSE)
  • use FR6DemoDB ...<enter>
  • Select * from OutBoxData ...<enter>
  • Go ...<enter>
  • Result is shown

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