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How to setup DOS mode Barcode printing in Fusionretail6?

  • Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Station Setup(T>A>S)
  • Alt + L (Open List)
  • Select the station name from the list
  • Go to Barcode Printer option
  • Press Ctrl + N
  • Enter a printer name
  • In Station field select station name
  • In Port field select port name, in which the barcode printer is attached.
  • In File field select the barcode printing file.
  • Save


  • Select the newly created barcode printer in Printer Name field
  • Save
  • Now your system is ready for barcode printing
  • Go to any Stock in transaction (as Purchase, Opening, Production etc.)  
  • Create a transaction
  • Save
  • Barcode will be printed automatically.


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