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How can I Print Barcode of a Particular Product?

You can print Bar Code of a particular product from the following

  • Stock Statement
  • Stock Journal Register
  • Opening stock register.

To print barcode of a particular product the following should be true

  • Product must have child
  • Product must have stock (not negative)

Printing Barcode Through Stock Statement

  1. Press F8(statement)
  2. Click 'Item Details'(Ctrl+D)button
  3. click 'expand'(Alt+E)button
  4. select particular product
  5. Click 'Barcode' (Ctrl+B)button
  6. Select any barcode file from the list
  7. press enter to open barcode preview
  8. click printer button to print barcode.

Printing Barcode Through  Stock Journal Register/Opening stock register

  1. Click Product(Alt+V)
  2. Click Expand(Alt+E)
  3. select particular product
  4. click Barcode(ctrl+B)button
  5. select barcode file from list
  6. press enter to open barcode preview
  7. click print button to print.

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