ID #1787

Option to Print KOT Copy from the Bill Printer Attached to Station.


If you take order through mobile device, the kot is fired in the kitchen. You might want to print a copy of same kot for the service staff. Ideally the copy of kot needs to be printed locally at the bill printer attached to the station. This will help the service staff to track the pending items to be served at the table.



    1. From main go to the Station Setup (T>A>S)
    2. Set "Print Local KOT (Copy)” =Yes
    3. It will print the copy of all the KOT's at the local bill printer.


Note :

    • The kot will have "===>> COPY <<===" on top. This will distinguish the original kot so that kitchen staff is not confused.
    • In case of re-print KOT, it will also print a local copy if it is enabled on the station.



Copy KOT


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