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Is it possible to set Pole Display in Dos mode?

Scenario: I have a customer display attached with COM1 port of my system. How to set this Customer Display/Pole Display in Dos mode?


Please follow the instructions given below to set the Pole Display in RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6.

Step1: Settings in Hardware

  1. Connect the Customer Display with the CPU.
  2. Switch it on.
  3. The welcome message is displayed.
  4. The hardware setting is proper.

Step2: Setting in Software

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Station Setup (T > A > S)
  2. Alt + L.
  3. Select Station from list.
  4. Come to Customer Display.
  5. Press Ctrl + N.
  6. Type a device name in Device Name field.
  7. Set “Device Type = Customer Display”
  8. Set “Driver Type = Dos”
  9. Set “Device Port = COM1” (if the Customer display is attached with COM1 port, else use specific port name)
  10. Set “Customer Display File Name = Display.txt”.
  11. Save.

 Step3: Using Customer Display during Transaction

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Sale Invoice (Scan POS) (S > T > S)
  2. Scan any product.
  3. Check the Customer Display screen

Note: If you want to change some information, to display it in ‘Customer Display’, please make the changes in Display.txt file. The Display.txt file can be found in the following folder,


 In case of USB Pole Display please follow the steps given below.


  • Add POLE Display to USB Port and Install POSIFLEX Peripheral v1.0
  • After successful installation go to “Device Manager” and under “PORTS (COM &LPT)” find your “Posiflex” Pole Display.
  • Check what virtual PORT creates by your USB Pole Display, (COM6) or (COM3) or else.
  • Follow from Step1.


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