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Is it possible to warn my user if he is doing entries with previous dates?

Session date control added in FusionRetail 6 designation setup to control back days and post days entry,

  • Go to Main > Master Data Management  > Others > Designation Set Up (M>O>D)
  • Alt + L
  • Select Designation from the list
  • Set “No. of Back Days(Session) = 3” [as per your requirement] 
  • Set “No. of Post Days (Session) = 3” [as per your requirement]
  • Go to “Session Date Control (Back Days)”
  • Alt + L
  • Select
    • Continue (to continue the user without interruption),
    • Stop (to restrict the user) or
    • Warn (to warn the user by showing a warning message).
    • Repeat the same for “Session Date Control (Post Days)” as per your requirement.



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