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Is it possible to create Customer for Home delivery in my branch location?

Scenario: I have a Home delivery setting in my Branch1. But, as because customer is a master, FusionRetail 6 is not allowing us to create masters in branch location.

Answer: Please use the following steps,

Changes in HO


  • Go to Main > Master Data Management > Others > Customer Master(M> O> C)
  • Press Alt + G (or use “–G Gen. Cards”)
  • Generate customer cards in a specific range for each branch (e.g. 000002 to 010000 for Branch1, 010001 to 020000 for Branch2 etc.)
    • Enter “Starting Serial”
    • Enter “Ending Serial”
    • Select “Location”, from list, for which you want to generate customer cards.
  • Press “Alt + G”

Steps to maintain in Branch:


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