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How to create and edit masters in branch?

I am using FusionRetail6 in multi-location. Now I am facing problems during customer creation in branch location. FusionRetail6 restricts branches from creating masters. How to overcome this?


You can overcome this issue very easily. Please use the following steps to accomplish this…

Step1: Generating customer in a series

  • Go to Main > Master Data Management > Others > Customer Master (M> O> C) 
  • Alt +G (or you may also use ‘–G Gen. Cards’ button)
  • Enter starting serial and ending serial (E.g. for location/branch ‘A’ ‘Starting Serial =000001’ and ‘Ending Serial = 10000’, for location/branch ‘B’ ‘Starting Serial = 100001’ and ‘Ending Serial = 20000’ etc.)
  • Alt + G (or you may also use ‘–G Generate’ button)


 Step2: Setting the option

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Global Option (T> A> G)
  2. Set ‘Allow Master creation at branch through IM = No’
  3. Set ‘Allow Offline Master Modification at branch = Yes’
  4. Save

Step3: Distributing the customers

Now ask your respective branch to use respective customer numbers, generated in step1, to modify in branch. Please refer to the following example.

Example: One new customer arrived in Branch ‘B’, where you issued customer numbers from 100001 to 200000. The person on that branch will use the following steps.

  1. Go to Main > Master Data Management > Others > Customer Master (M> O> C) 
  2. Alt + L
  3. Select 100001 (or whichever is free from 100001 to 20000)
  4. Modify other details.
  5. Please note: don’t change the customer number.



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