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How to create multi level recipe in RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6?


I have a recipe to create Tartar sauce. I have a product “Grilled Lobstar in Tartar sauce” where I use Tartar sauce as ingredients.

Now I want to create auto consumption of the raw material, used to prepare tartar sauce, after selling the “Grilled Lobstar in Tartar sauce”.

Solution: Please follow the steps given below.

Step1:  Creating the recipe for the ‘Tatar Sauce

Step2: Creating the recipe for ‘Grilled Lobstar in Tartar sauce’

  • Go to Main Menu > Master Data Management > F&B > Product Recipe (BOM) (M > F > R)
  • Alt + L.
  • Select the ‘Recipe for’ (in this case ‘Grilled Lobstar in Tartar sauce’) from the list.
  • Select ingredients in the ‘Product Name’ section
  • Come to the bottom of the product Section.
  • Alt + L
  • Select the ‘Tartar Sauce’ from the list.
  • Come to “Is Semi”
  • Set “Is Semi = Yes”
  • Save.

Step3: Making a Sale Transaction through Touch POS

Step4: Running the Auto Stock Journal


Step5: Checking the Stock Register


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