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Force Question selection method has been enhanced to show the available options in a comprehensive format.

Step 1: Create the Forced Question masetr:

  1. From main menu go to the Forced Questions (M > F > F)
  2. Create the force question master here


Step 2: Set the Forced Question(s) with menu items:

  1. From main menu go to the Menu Management (M > F > M)
  2. Set the forced question(s) for desired menu items


Step 3: Choose forced questions(s) during sale:

  1. From main menu go to the Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S > T > T)
  2. Select a menu item which is attached with the forced question(s)
  3. Now it will prompt to forced question selection screen as shown below, where you can choose desired options.
FC Selection

Image Summary: System will let you to choose desired Force Question products which may be chargeble or not, optional or compulsory as per the options set in the Forced Questions (M > F > F). E.g. In the above picture it is compulsory to choose any one of the Choose Size Crust and Cheese, but optional to choose any one either from Veg Toppings or Non Veg Toppings. 



  • Use "TAB" key to move from one Forced Question to another.
  • Use "+" key to select a Forced Question. Next “+” will increase the qty.
  • Use "-" key to deselect a Forced Question. If quantity is more, then it will reduce the quantity to one first.
  • Use "Alt+S" or "F10" to save entry.
  • Use "Escape" key to exit.
  • Use "Alt+Right" key to move forward.
  • Use "Alt+Left" key to move backward.
  • On double left click on quantity it opens a num pad to enter the quantity.
  • Open already selected FQ in modify mode by pressing "Enter" or "double click" on the Forced Question, however same function will not be applicable if you use “R Re Order” button.
  • Total amount of the selected Forced Questions will be shown on the screen header.

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