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In order taking screen

of the Touch POS the default layout of the products is in alphabetical order. Is it possible to change the order?

Example: I have specific variety of wine which has very high selling rate. So I want to arrange the ordering of products in such a way that it appears in the 1st position, whenever I click the Sub Group/submenu in the Order taking screen.



By default the arrangement of the products on the order taking screen is in alphabetical order. But if you want to rearrange the setup and try to arrange the order for products manually then you have to arrange the order of all the products present in the menu.

Please follow the steps given below to arrange the order for products in the order taking screen of Touch POS…

 Step1: Making the changes

  1. Go to Main Menu > Master Data Management > F&B > Menu Management (M > F > M)
  2. Alt + L.
  3. Select Menu from list.
  4. Click on the Filter button beside Sub Group (if you are using Subgroup. You can filter products according to submenu also, if you are using submenu instead of subgroup)
  5. Select required Sub Group.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Go to Position column.
  8. Enter Position numbers to arrange them in specific order.
  9. Repeat steps 4 to 8 for every subgroup/submenu and for every product.
  10. Save.

 Step2: Checking the changes

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management  > Transaction > Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S > T > T)
  2. Go to Order taking screen and see the changes.

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