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How to set up a new menu in advance for upcoming festive season?


I have designed a new and existing menu for my restaurant. The new menu is almost same as my current menu except some price changes and addition and deletion of some items. 

This is middle of month but I want the new menu to be applicable from 1st day of next month. 

I want to define the same in the system IN ADVANCE so that I do not have to remember to change on that particular day.


Copy the existing Menu (or create a new menu)

    1. Go to the Manu Management (M>F>M)
    2. Press Alt+D
    3. Choose the current menu
    4. Press Ctrl+M or click on “^M Copy” button
    5. Now do the changes and Press Alt+S to save.


Assign the menu to be effective from a particular day:

    1. From main go to the Sale Invoice (Scan POS) (S>T>S)
    2. Press Alt+O
    3. Go to the Menu field and press enter key
    4. Set the new menu as shown in the picture bellow
    5. Click on Ok
    6. Press Alt+S to save the Sales Option.


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