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How to Modify Financial Year Range?

Financial Year Range is mentioned at the main Screen.

You can change using Alt + F2 at the main screen.

*** Impact of Date Range on Transaction

  • Creation: You cannot create a transaction outside the date range.
  • Modification: You cannot change the date outside the date range. Specify a date which falls within the range and save the voucher. 
  • Deletion: You can delete any voucher of any date, if you have rights for deletion. 

*** Impact of Date Range on Reports

You can see the reports of any range. A report is not dependent on the date range defined at the main screen. Although FusionRetail 6 sets the default date range for reports based on the date entered at the main screen.

Note: FusionRetail 6 sets the default date range of One Financial Period based on the current system date.
Financial Year Range defined with the Alt + F2 at main Screen is used to set the current date range of the system.

User will be allowed to enter/modify the entry in only this range.

The Concept of Current Date : FusionRetail 6 takes the date of server. For example if the date at the server is 1 April 2008 then on the client computer it will show 1 April 2008 even the system date of client (local computer date) is 5 April 2008.

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