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FusionRetail™ 6: Moving to New Financial Year

1st of April is marked as the beginning of new fiscal year in India.

To make this process easy for you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked question on how to begin a new fiscal year in FusionRetail™ 6.


1. How to change the Financial Year and how to start transaction?

FusionRetail™ 6 automatically takes date from your server. This means you can start doing transactions on beginning of a new financial year without making any changes.

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2. How to start sale invoice number with a new series of number?

The numbering of vouchers is controlled by,

Main Menu> Master Data Management> Accounts> Voucher Type (M>A>V)

If your setting shows "Number System = Yearly", you are done. It will start the new series automatically.

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3. Do I need to split the data on beginning of new financial year?

Split Database option is used to organize your data in small periodical data and hence it helps to improve database performance.

Ideally you should split the data after finalization of accounts.

Split of database can be done at any point of time, so it is not necessary to split the data at the beginning of new financial year.

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4. How to take physical stock and resolve the inventory discrepancy?

Stock taking means physically verifying the entire stock, comparing it with the actual and working out the correct value.

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Best wishes for the new financial year...

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