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Is it possible to return an item in branch, which is sold from HO?


I sold an item from HO with a code 00A10001001
Now the customer wants to return that item (sale return) in one of my branch, is it possible?


Step 1:



  • Now if you want to take sale return in another branch, ask customer from which branch he purchased that item
  • In sale return screen select that location, using F12
  • Take return, it will update corresponding branch and HO


  • This is the only option available now. But whenever we create any transaction it will create files for every branches and HO.

If we have 10 branches, then

  • For 1 transaction it will create 10 files for 10 branches,
  • For 10 transactions it will create 10x10 = 100 files for 10 branches,
  • For 100 transactions it will create 100x10 = 1000 files for 10 branches,
  • For 1000 transactions it will create 1000x10 = 10000 files for 10 branches,
  • Increase in transaction may decrease file upload and download speed

This type of action is working properly if we use “Method of communication is = FTP” 


Note: Same type of Data synchronisation required if you want to exchange a product, purchased by the customer from a different location/branch.

Tags: Information, Location Master

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