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In FusionRetail 6 software, is it possible to create masters in Branches?


In FusionRetail 6 software, you can create masters* in Branch, by using IM (Instant Message) setting. Please use the following steps to implement the feature…

Changes in HO:


  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Global Option (T> A> G)
  2. Set “Master creation in Branch = Yes”
  3. Set “Modification at other location = Yes”
  4. Save
  5. Completely Logout from FusionRetail 6 and close the application
  6. Run FusionRetail 6 and Login again


  1. Create email accounts for Your HO and branches in Gmail (as, etc.)
  2. Add these email IDs in Gtalk and make them partners.
  3. Go to Main Menu > Master Data Management > Inventory > Location Master(M>I>L)
  4. Alt  + L (open list)
  5. Select location from the list
  6. Set “Set link Information = yes”
  7. In Instant Messaging setting enter the username and password of Gmail account of that location.
  8. Save
  9. Save location master
  10. Repeat the above mentioned steps for every location
  11. Export HO’s data to all of your branches. (if you are using FTP data sending rule, then you don’t have to Export)

 Changes in Branches

  1. Import the data transferred from HO (if you are using FTP data sending rule, then you don’t have to import)

* Note: The following masters can only be created and modified at Root/HO location

  1. Location
  2. Voucher Master
  3. All Direct Options (Print and Voucher) But changing option from the voucher is possible.
  4. Price List
  5. Menu
  6. Modifier
  7. Table Setup
  8. Recipe
  9. Mode of Payment
  10. Tax
  11. Matrix Setup
  12. Scheme & Promotion
  13. User & Designation
  14. Data Sending Rule

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