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I am unable to do the modification at branch location. How FusionRetail 6 works in multi location environment?

FusionRetail 6: Concept of modification in Multi Location environment

Please refer to the following table

Multi Location environment


  • Can be created at any Location (any branch and root)
  • Can be modified (and deleted) at the location where it has been created
  • But can be modified at other location depending on the Global Option settings.

For example the following transaction can be created any location and can be modified too at that location.

  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Stock Transfer
  • Stock Journal
  • Accounting Voucher
  • And all other transactions

Note: The default settings is Allow modification at other Location = No  at Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Global Option:

Note: However we recommend setting NO for this option. Setting this to NO will allow transaction data modification ONLY at the location where it has been created. Set Yes at Allow modification of data of other location.

Note: The same applies for delete too. For example if you set this option to NO then you can only delete a transaction at the location where it has been created.

Masters: Can only be created and modified at Root Location.

For example the following masters can neither be created nor modified at branch location


  • Users can change their own password at branch location by pressing F7 key or clicking the Change Password button at the main screen.
  • Product Childs can be created at branch location during Purchase, Opening Stock and Stock Journal entries.


Settings: Can only be done (modified) at Root Location.

For example the following settings cannot be modified at branch location

  • Voucher Options
  • Printing Options
  • Global Settings
  • All other settings


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