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How do I change the backup folder on a drive which does not exist at the server of the branch location?

Requirement: As a precautionary measure we have installed one extra backup hard disk at all location's main computer (let us call these computers servers).In all the servers the partition created was E:  Whereas at our HO server there is no E: drive.

In H.O. server does not have E: Drive but I want a setup wherein it takes backup of branch data on E: Drive. I was not able to set up these backup folders settings.

Reason:  In the location master,  the backup folder  field under other settings  allows you to browse the folders but does not allow to write.

Solution: Since this is folder selection box; user input is not allowed, however following work around can be applied

  1. Use any computer with E drive. You can modify the location master to do the backup settings from any of the HO Computer. It is not necessary to use the server computer for the same.
  2. Plug in some USB drives in the HO computer so that you can have E: drive.

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