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I want to view Product’s image in register reports, is it possible?


Now you can show product images in reports. To implement this feature please use the following steps….

Step 1: Attaching picture with a product

  1. Copy the picture and place it in ‘C:\FusionRetail6\FR6Share\Photo\’ folder
  2. Run RanceLab® FusionRetail 6 software
  3. Go to Main Menu > Master Data Management > Inventory > Product Management (M> I> P)
  4. Alt + L (open list of products)
  5. Select product from the list
  6. Go to picture1 field
  7. Alt + L (open list of available pictures in ‘C:\FusionRetail6\FR6Share\Photo\’ folder)
  8. Select picture from the list.
  9. Save

Step 2: Settings in report

  1. Open any report product details mode (as sale register, stock register, purchase register etc)
  2. Right Click on the report header
  3. Drag and drop ‘Picture1’ & ’Picture2’ to the report header.
  4. Press F10 to save the layout
  5. Give a suitable name and save the layout for future use
  6. Now you can find the images of the products in the Picture1 and Picture2 columns
  7. Press Alt + Ctrl + (+/- key in Numeric Pad) to increase or decrease row height.

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