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How do I modify Other Charge and Other Discount Master?

Scenario: I want to change calculation method of Other Charges and Ledger of Other Discount. I also don’t want to add other charges to product cost.

In order to implement above feature you please follow the steps as given below;

  1. Go to the Charges Master (M A D)
  2. Press Alt + D (Display)
  3. Go to Other Charges row
  4. Under the Head "Method", Press Alt+L and choose a method from the list
  5. Under the Head "Add In Cost", Press Alt+L and choose No from the list
  6. Then go to the Other Discount row
  7. Under the Head "Ledger", Press Alt+L and choose a ledger from the list
  8. Now Press Alt+S on Display Screen
  9. Click yes when it asks for "Confirm Entry" to save the changes.

For more detail please check the link given below;

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