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Is it possible to set separate accounting entry for discount and charges?

Scenario: I want to add seperate charges like Transportation, Loading & Unloading, Track aditional cost on Purchase etc in purchase bill and service charge on total sale bill amount. All charges of purchase and sale shall impact seperately in Trial Balance.

In order to get solution on above scenario, please follow the steps as given below;

 Step1: Create a new Charge or Discount type

  1. Go to 'Charges Master' (M A D)

For more detail please check below link


Step2 :

  1. Go to Purchase / Purchase Return / Sale / Sale Return
  2. Open voucher option (Alt + O)
  3. Place cursor on 'Charges' column and press Enter key
  4. Select charges and discount and then click on ok
  5. Press (Alt+S) to save changes.


For more info on Transaction Options please visit:

  1. ttp://

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