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How to generate more than one Sale/Purchase Invoice Type?

Requirement : I have to generate two type of Sale Bill,  one POS Invoice & other Tax Invoice with different Bill No series. Also Invoice printing will be POS Printing for POS Sale (Cash Sale) & Window Printing for Tax Invoice.

In Financial Books, I  wants to Post Sale amount in different Sale Ledgers as per the Voucher Type selected .

In Reporting Sales Register & Tax Register required as per Voucher Type for Tax Purpose.

POS Invoice

Tax Invoice

POS Printing

Windows Printing

Series =  POS\1…..100


Sale Ledger = POS Sale

Sale Ledger = Wholesale Sale

Cash = POS Cash

Cash = Main Cash

To implement this follow these stepsHow do I Implement this in FR6?

  1. In Ledger Master create two sale ledgers under Group Sales Account
  2. M >A >V – In Voucher Type option create two  Sale Voucher Type say  Sale –POS & Sale Tax Invoice
  3. Set Starting No & Prefix  as per the Voucher Type to generate the different series of Bill No
  4. Create Two Voucher option with setting as per the Invoice & in Default sale Account select the corresponding Sale Ledger
  5. Create two  Print option as per the Invoice Printing  i.e. POS Print Or Windows Print
  6. During Sale Entry select Voucher Type by pressing Alt+F11 & make entry
  7. In Report go to Sale Register – Open Column chooser – Select Voucher Name Field from the list & you can group by or Filter out with Voucher Name Field & save the view with a meaningful name
  8. Same process for Tax Register

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