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Is there any option to have prefix before the sale and purchase bill nos. as fr5?


Yes, you can add a prefix before sale and purchase bill nos. Please use the following steps…

Step1: Create Different Voucher Type For Sale

  1. Go to Main Menu> Master Data Management> Accounts> Voucher Type(MAV) 
  2. Enter a new Voucher type name (as we are using “SumitSale” in example to create voucher type for “Sumit” user) 
  3. Set “Voucher Type = Sale”
  4. You can change “Starting Number” also
  5. Enter prefix in “Prefix” field (we are using username here) 
  6. Select “Number System” from list (as Yearly, Monthly or Daily) 
  7. Set “Transaction Option= Voucher Option”
  8. Set “Printing Option = Print Option”
  9. Save



Step2: Using the Newly created Voucher type

You can attach the newly created voucher type with your users.  

A.   Attaching voucher type with users

  • Now whenever that user logs in, the voucher type, attached with him, will automatically activate.

B.      You can check the voucher type in sale screen

  • Now using that voucher type will always add the prefix before the Memo number

C.    If you are using Scan POS you can change the voucher type in runtime. Please use the following steps for that.


  • You can create different voucher types for purchase, in a similar way as mentioned for sale.
  • If you want to use Voucher Type in Touch POS, you have to attach the voucher type with the user.


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