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I want to create a user who will be able to use only POS printing for Accounts, how should it will be possible?

Answer: The whole procedure includes two different steps, as…

Step 1: To create a new Voucher Type for receipt print and attach that with user…

  1. Go to Master Data Management> Accounts> Voucher Type (M> A> V)
  2. Provide a meaningful name to “Voucher Name” field
  3. Select “Voucher type” from list
  4. In “Transaction Option” field press Ctrl+N
  5. Provide a meaningful name in “Transaction Option” field
  6. Set corresponding “account transaction option” to “yes” (e.g “Receipt=Yes”) it will open a new page
  7. Set “Select type of printing = POS”
  8. Save
  9. Save
  10. Esc
  11. Set “Printing Option= Print Option”
  12. Save

 Step 2: Attaching the Newly created voucher type with User..

  1. Go to Main > Master Data Management  > Others > User Master (M> O> U)
  2. Alt + L (open list)
  3. Select the user
  4. Select the newly created voucher type in the corresponding “voucher type” field.
  5. Save

For more information on User Creation please visit:

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