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How Can I Set Default Scan As User Defined Code For All Inventory Transactions?

Requirment: I want to use my own product codes insted of using the FusionRetail 6 generated code or a standard GS1 code which comes pre printed on the products.

  1. Open transaction option for any transaction using Alt + O
  2. For example press Alt + O on the Sale Invoice (Scan POS) Screen
  3. Set Scan Field = User Defined Code and Save
  4. Set “Scan Field = User Defined Code” in all inventory transactions wherever you have set user defined in scan field. Now you can select item using

What does Scan Filed stands for and what are the options?

 This option controls the scan function available in scan field available in most of the transaction.

  • None: If you set this, it will disable input in scan field. If you start typing it will open the product list.
  • Default: Use this if you want the input code to be searched on default i.e. internal Product Code  of  4 or 11 digit or UPC EAN Code.
  • Matrix Filed 1 to 3: This will search the input against data specified in matrix fields. For example as a mobile store owner you will enter IMEI number (available as printed barcode on the box) scans this code in Field 1 box during purchase entry. Now if you set Field 1 as scan field in Sale option, at POS when you scan IMEI number, FR6 will look for this data in Field 1 and retrieve related product.
  • Matrix List 1 to 3: Same as Matrix Filed.
  • User Defined Code:  It will search the product with User Defined Code.


Note: Set this to NONE if you do not want to sell your products using the codes at all. This will open the list of products to select from.

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