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In RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6, the lowest denomination is Rs 50.

Now I want to have even lower denominations. How to do it?


Yes it is possible to create lower denominations in the software for Cash Drawers. Please follow the below mentioned steps to implement the task.


  1. Go to  Main Menu > Master Data Management > Accounts > Mode of Payment (M>A>M)
  2. Alt + L.
  3. Select Cash from the List.
  4. Come to the bottom of the Name section.
  5. Type “Inr20”.
  6. Go to Values.
  7. Type 20.
  8. Press Enter
  9. Repeat step 5 to step 8 for “Inr10”, “Inr5”, etc.
  10. Save (F10).

Note: In this way you can create further lower denominations.


  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Transactions > Cash Drawer Balancing (S>T > B)
  2. Alt+L.
  3. Select User from List.
  4. You will see the newly created lower denominations.


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