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I have created a new Mode of Payment for sale but why is it not shown in the tender screen?


If a newly created Mode Of payment is not available in tender screen then there may be two possible reasons. Please check them using the following steps…

Checking 1:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Master Data Management > Accounts > Mode of Payment (M > A> M)
  2. 2.    Alt + L
  3. Select Mode of payment from the list
  4. Check the field “Is Customer Info Reqd”, if it is ‘Yes’ then you have to select customer before tendering in sale screen. It will be activated only after selecting any customer else this Mode of Payment will not be available.

Checking 2:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sales Management > Transaction > Sales Invoice (POS) (S> T> S)
  2. Alt + O (opens the option screen)
  3. Go to Mode of payment field
  4. Press enter
  5. Check if the specific Mode of payment is selected or not, if not press Alt + L
  6. Select the Mode of payment from the list
  7. Save


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