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Is it possible to create different Tax for same product in different branches?

How do I set tax in...
I have a single tax in 2 products.
Now I want these 2 products to have 2 different tax at location?


Yes, you can create different Tax for same product in different branches. Please use the following steps to implement the feature…

Step 1: Creating Tax Master for HO

  • Go to Main Menu>Master Data management> Accounts> Tax Master (M> A> T)
  • Type Tax Name (e.g. Service Tax , with 20% tax rate)
  • Set “Included in Rate = No” if it is an exclusive tax, else set it to “Yes”
  • In Account field, press CTRL + N, it will lead you to account master creation screen.
  • Create an account under, Duties and Taxes

  • Save and Exit
  • Select that account name in Account Column
  • Enter tax rate
  • Save

Step 2: Creating Tax Master for Branches

  • Use the steps mentioned in Step1 to create new tax for Branches (e.g. Service Tax Branch, with 10% tax rate)

Step 3: Attaching tax with products

  1. Go to Main Menu > Master Data Management > Inventory > Product Management(M> I> P)
  2. Select product from the list and attach tax with them in “Tax at Sale”

Step 4: Setting for branch Tax

  • Alt + L (open list)
  • Select Location name from the list
  • Select Product Tax (Tax attached with product in HO, e.g. Service Tax HO)
  • Select Location Tax (e.g. Service Tax Branch)
  • Save



Now whenever you sale that particular product in HO it will calculate tax as per Service Tax HO and whenever you sale that product from Branch it will calculate tax as per Service Tax Branch.

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