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Is it possible to view Tax Ledger Break-up in Purchase register?


Now you can see Tax Ledger break up in purchase register. To implement this feature please use the following steps.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Purchase Management > Reports > Purchase Register(P> R> P)
  2. Alt + V (open report in product mode)
  3. Right Click on report header
  4. Click on column chooser
  5. Here you will find the following fields

Tax Ledger1

Tax ledger account name1

Tax Ledger2

Tax ledger account name2

Tax Ledger3

Tax ledger account name3

Tax Ledger4

Tax ledger account name4

Tax Rate1

Tax rate of Tax Ledger1

Tax Rate2

Tax rate of Tax Ledger2

Tax Rate3

Tax rate of Tax Ledger3

Tax Rate4

Tax rate of Tax Ledger4

Tax Amount1

Tax amount of as per Tax Rate1

Tax Amount2

Tax amount of as per Tax Rate2

Tax Amount3

Tax amount of as per Tax Rate3

Tax Amount4

Tax amount of as per Tax Rate4




NOTE: Tax Ledger Break-up option added in Purchase Order Register, Purchase Register, Purchase Return Register, Sale Order Register, Sale Register, Sale-Return Register.  

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