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What is Walk-Ins?


You can check footfall Vs sale ratio by using Walk-Ins in FusionRetail 6. You have to give input of Foot-Fall number manually in FusionRetail 6 and it will calculate the FootFall Vs sale ratio for that day. Please use the following steps to implement this feature.

Step 1: Entering walk In detail

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sales Management > Transaction > walk-ins (S> T> W)
  2. Enter Number of Foot–Fall or Walk ins for that day
  3. Enter 

Step 2: Walk Ins Report

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sales Management > Reports > walk – In Conversion


Different Columns in Walk – In Conversion

Date Date of transaction
Walk–Ins Total walk–ins for that date
No of Bills Total number of bills
Conversion Ratio No of Bills / Walk–ins
Total Amount Total Bill amount
Ticket Size Total Amount / No of Bills

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