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What is List Style in global option?


List Style is added in FusionRetail 6 to implement fast and dynamic searching of items, present in the list. It will reduce searching time and typing effort.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Global Option(T> A> G)   
  2. Here you can find “List Style = Classic / Advanced


Classic Style: It will show lists in normal view.

Advanced Style:

  • In Advanced style, you will find one additional row at the top of every list. Type in this row and List will be filtered accordingly. In this row you can search dynamically. Now you don't have to add % for auto-searching.
  • After Filtering press Enter to select the data of the 1st row.
  • You can also save the list with Filter (F10). After saving the list, whenever you open this list again, the filtered list will be populated.
  • To remove filtered list press F9 in the list.



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