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Release Note 1.111


  1. Tax is now calculating at the time of exchanging product in sale Invoice(Scan Pos)
  2. You can see the number of user, logged in the software.
  3. After creating a Blank Data Base “Method of communication” will be Offline by default
  4. Search option added in price list for brand and Sub group. Use F3 key in Price List screen to search Product, Brand or Subgroup.

Import & Export 

  1. You can import Stock Journal from Excel File.
    • In a Same File you can Import Production, Consumption, Excess, Shortage and Wastage.
    • New Product will be created from here just like "Purchase import" or "Opening Import".
    • Product Child will be Imported from Excel File only when Type = "Production"
    • When "Production" is present in your selected file then only "Purchase Rate" and "Sale Rate" selection is mandatory
    • If Type is other than "Production" then during Import it's take first available Child
  2. Some New Field Added in All Import
    • PM1 to PM10 are added as Product’s user defined field  in every Import
    • UDF1 to UDF10 are added in Transaction Import
  3. There are some Enhancements in ML Data Transfer Method. Security increased for multi-location import and export. 
  4. After importing an Excel file, the file name will be change by adding a prefix "Already Imported" to the original file.
    Example : File Name "Purchase.xls" will be changed to "Already Imported Purchase.xls" after successful import

NB: If someone intentionally Import an already imported file again then Data will be double.



  1. Station Field added In Column Chooser for Voucher Mode and Product Mode in the following reports
    • Sale Register
    • Sale Return Register
    • Purchase Register
    • Purchase Return Register
    • Day end Report
  2. Standard Purchase Return Preview added in the Software
  3. 10 new user defined fields(UDF) added in the software for Products


  1. Now it is possible to print Customer Ledger Closing Balance on Bill. Option added “Print Ledger Closing Balance=No/Yes”.
  2. Ask Printing is working in Dos mode barcode printing
  3. In bill receipt you can print waiter name on header


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